Friday, March 22, 2013

♥♥♥ 100.000 ♥♥♥

This picture contains you. I took the IP address of every visitor of this blog, tracked down his/her location, zoomed in on Google Maps and made a screenshot of his/her face. Then i scaled it down to 1x1 pixel to fit into this 100.000 pixel picture:

I did this, because my little blog got 100.000 visitors. WOW! This means a lot to me but today it's not about myself . This post is dedicated to you. For reading and mailing and sharing and commenting. Thank you! This isn't just said, i really mean it!

I wrote about my feelings already in this small article. So i think repeating this would be a bit boring. Especially when you thought this is a new game art trick and now look for the "unsubscribe" button.

The inventor of Twitter was asked "What's so awesome about Twitter that billion of people use it?" and he said something like "I don't know." and i can partly understand him now. Don't get me wrong, this is the first project in my life which gets great response. I can't express how good it feels, to do something other people like! But sometimes i asking myself, why do they like it?

Because some of the tricks would be just "gimmicks" for powerfull engines like Unreal, CryEngine or Frostbyte 2 and i impressed because i never used these engines. Sometimes i imagine how an experienced Engine-User just moans while he's scrolling through the article list. On the other hand, i think most coders know all this stuff already. Because i would bet most of this tech is written in these GPU Gems books.

I'm sooo thankful for all the great feedback, and i know i shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but asking a lot question is my nature and it is the base of this whole project. So don't hesitate to write something about your skill, experience and why my articles help you. Would be awesome to hear! In fact, the big numbers aren't too important for me. To get in contact with you guys, these are the best moments!

The last part goes to the inventors. I do nothing than using their awesomeness and spread the word. So please imagine that these 100.000 people from the picture above bow in front of you, because you guys are the brains, the minds, the super heroes of the game art.


  1. Congrats, man!
    your blog is is enchanting, technically speaking.
    The passion you put in every word of every post is amazing.

    You deserve every single one of your followers!

    1. Your words make me a warm feeling :) Thank you for this!

  2. I can see my house from here!

    Well done on such a great milestone! I loved your Homeworld article!

    1. Thank you very much! Yeah what the guys did in HW1+2 is just stunning.