Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deus Ex Scanlines

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  1. That reminds me of user-created spray paints in Team Fortress 2. Some of them would use mipmaps for trickery.

    For example, a "spray paint" of the "Sandvich" item on a plate. However when you walk closer (highest mipmap level), the Sandvich disappears, leaving an empty plate, and the text "How could this happen?" appears instead!

    1. Awesome trick! I love when people play around with MipMaps. Back in the days i saw a nVidia presentation where they added more color layers the more mip maps they generated and got a cheap fog effect (textures more far away would be tinted more).

  2. Where is this? I don't recall seeing this issue in the game.
    And yes, I personally consider it an issue :P
    It might just be moiré due to lack of mipmapping or a negative lod bias. Try having a grid texture without mipmapping in a 3D scene. You will see the same thing.

    Remember that your monitor is a grid of pixels, when a grid pattern interlaces with that grid you can get moire. This is a big problem for photographers and filmmakers as well. You might recall seeing a person on TV which has a suit of small checkered fabric, and you will get the same issue. If the contrast on the pattern is high enough you will even get different colors due to the relative offset of the RGB elements!


    1. It's in the head quarter right at the start of the game. You have to do the first mission in the statue of liberty and then you are free to go to the head quarter and there you can see it. :)

      Yeah normally moire effect isn't cool but i like it in this special case :)